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Monthly Goals: June

If you read my previous post you might remember that I decided to start writing down monthly goals to help me focus on what is important and to help me get things done. I also want to make a promise to myself: I won't feel down or anxious about not accomplishing every goal I made… Continue reading Monthly Goals: June

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Habits: Goal Setting

There are so many things happening in my life right now, I usually find myself getting overwhelmed by it all and as a result, I fail to get things done. This completely crushes my sense of accomplishment which then leads me to feel bad about myself, and it becomes a never-ending cycle I can't get… Continue reading Habits: Goal Setting

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Mental Health Awareness Month

People who are vocal about any kind of mental issue are dismissed as weak, flawed, broken or crazy. There’s a stigma over mental issues that make people who suffer them scared to talk about it, and that’s not okay. You aren’t weak, flawed, broken or crazy, you are dealing with a real illness that should… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Month


The scary first post

I’ve never been good with introductions, when someone asks me to say something about myself I freeze and it’s like I’m a complete stranger to myself. But right now, I will do my best to introduce myself to you. Hey there, I’m Jenn! A bookworm, a constant dreamer, a boy band fanatic, a procrastinator, an… Continue reading The scary first post